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New Edition of The Warrior out there!

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The Warrior, is out, brand new, turbocharged and exothermic.

But don’t believe me. A reader says if far better than I could have:


A Cracking Book:

I thoroughly enjoyed The Warrior. Much was made of it’s genre similarities to the Reacher series and, whilst this is the case to some extent – and you could argue a case for it being a cross of Reacher and Victor the Assassin – the book more than stands on is own two feet.

The plot of the book is strong and maintained throughout whilst allowing for side stories to be begun, continued and in some cases left open for what could well be developed into full Imageblown stories in their own right. Early on the story required that there was an element of violence committed against innocent parties, this was written in a style that the reader, whilst being clear on what had occurred, was not subjected to unnecessarily graphic depictions of the violence. I’m aware that this is highly personal, but I far prefer this to reading the minutiae of the more disturbing acts that humans commit on one another.

On a far lighter note, the book whilst serious, contained a number of lighter moments one of which had me chuckling on a crowded train at 6.30 a.m. – no mean feat!!!

The characters are introduced at fairly regular intervals throughout, some the reader gets to know well, some may well never be read of again and others will no doubt feature heavily in future books in the series and I am looking forward to these books.

Purely from a personal perspective the use of the present tense took a few chapters to get used to but that is purely a factor of the plethora of novels being written in the past tense and actually the style is good and suits the book.

My apologies for rambling on, this is the first time I have reviewed anything outside of eBay, but I if you like the genre I recommend you give The Warrior a read and if you’ve stumbled across this book without reading much of the genre why not give it a go?



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