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Interview with Lisa Williamson, Author Extraordinaire

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Lisa Williamson writes in a variety of genres, fantasy, science fiction, erotica, poetry, and has several Indie published book on the good ebook stores.


ImageA writer since an early age, I have been fascinated by stories where the characters go through changes and develop strength from great trials. I prefer the genre fields of fantasy, science fiction and horror over the general fiction. By placing my characters in fantastical settings I can let them grow and develop in ways that you just can’t in a real world setting.

Published in the early days of the ebook movement in a CDRom book that saw little movement I have now taken to the digital age with style. I will continue to set my words free and hope that these children of my heart find homes with caring readers who are willing to look beyond the normal to the fantastical.

I can be found writing fantasy, science fiction, light horror, erotica, poetry and fanfiction.

And now, over to the hot seat!

 What is your journey? How did you get to be a writer? 

 I was a sickly child growing up and used to spend hours telling tales with my toys.  As I grew older I started to write them down.  Finding a wooded spot near my home in the low income housing back home I would tell myself tales of faeries and elves and dragons.  This evolved into the odd tales that I tell.  A few very special friends pushed me to publish my tales and last year my hubby convinced me to try selling them.

 You write in a variety of genres. How do you decide which genre to write in when writing a new book? Does the story decide the genre? 

When it comes to genres the story is what decides it.  While most of my work has some type of fantastical element to it, the story decides if it will be more romantic, terrifying or just plain odd.

 How long does it take you to write a book? And the how long does it take you to edit?

 When it comes to writing it depends on the length of the project.  I can bang out good short stories in anywhere from a day to a week but my novels have taken me years to do.  The original content comes to me in pieces and sometimes those pieces just get stuck so I move to another tale.  As for editing again, depends on the length of the piece.  I try to edit at least every time I open the file I am working on.

 Do you do everything yourself or take professional help for editing, cover art etc.? 

 At the moment I am pretty much the maker of my own work.  I cannot afford professional help as of yet.  I have done most of my own covers.  I have a wonderful husband who has done some of my more dramatic covers for me and I have had a few pre-readers who have pointed out things for me but only in a broad sense.  Expecting friends to be line editors is wrong and I just ask any pre-reader to let me know if the story works or if I am leaving a huge hole in the work.

 What is the most difficult part of writing for you? 

 Now that varies.  I have trouble coming up with good titles and of course the blurb when they are posted.  While working the hardest part can be not being interrupted.  I am a mother and wife and well life can get in the way when you are trying to edit your work.  I miss things that should have been obvious due to interruptions. 

 Is writing a full time job for you?

 Thankfully yes it is.  I am not yet making a living at writing but I have the good luck to have a husband who is more than willing to have me stay home.  He enjoys having a creative wife who is willing to stay home and cook, clean, raise the child and of course write.  He has even been pushing my work on his co-workers!

 How do you go about promoting the book?

 At the moment I hit up as many social networking sites as I can.  I do author interviews like this and blog hops.  Anything I can do for free.

 You are a prolific writer. Do you have any book which is your favorite?

Oh now that is like asking a mom if she has a favorite child!  Okay yes I have favorite characters and favorite stories.  Partings, the first of my Death Walks Through short stories is actually one of my favorites.  While a very short story the emotional punch came across much better than I had hoped by the readers’ reactions.

 What do you want to say to Indie Authors?

 Keep writing.  No matter what.  Write, read and don’t give up.  We may not make the money that some famous person with a ghost-writer makes but we make a difference.  Your tales will touch people, no matter how silly or odd.  People need new and different voices and way of seeing things.  Even if you never make enough sales to get a royalty check you will leave a legacy of thought provoking.

 Any message for your readers? 

 Keep your mind open folks.  I write things that are fantastical, odd and occasionally deeper than you expect.  Look at the world around you and realize that everything has a tale to tell.  Be it truth or fiction it is worth learning that tale.



Links:   Twitter:  http://twitter.com/suteko

             Amazon:   http://amazon.com/Lisa-Williamson/-/e/B8001A1I8J6

             Blog:         http://suteko.wordpress.com

             Website:    http://themadwitersden.weebly.com

      Smashwords:   http://smashwords.com/view/profile/suteko




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