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Interviewed by Justin Bienvenue

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In my journey as a writer, I have been blessed and privileged to meet the most helpful people in the Universe, many of them writers themselves.

Justin Bienvenue,http://jbienvenue.webs.com/ took time to interview me,helping promote my book.  Justin has written The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore. You should check his anthology and buy it.


Justin’s interview of me:

Interview with Ty Patterson

1. What can you tell us about your novel, “The Warrior”?

The Warrior is a thriller, an action/adventure book about Zeb Carter, a Private Military Contractor and his mission of vengeance.

Zeb is deployed to the Congo by an anonymous government agency to look into rogue mercenary activity and whilst there he witnesses a crime of unimaginable proportion.

He tracks the perpetrators to New York, to not only to discover that they are protected by the FBI, but also to find that they have deep rooted political connections that impact those close to him.

He has two choices. Back off or pursue the perpetrators and pay the price.

Zeb is not a grim ‘Dolph Lundgren’ type of action hero but a character with many layers to him; a character that inspires deep rooted loyalty, a character who is a giver.

The book above all is about the brotherhood of soldiers and I have tried to bring out that bond as best as I can.

2. What is it like being a Thriller writer and how does it compare to other genres?

I read a lot of other genres, but I identify best with Thrillers since for me the way thrillers and characters come alive in the imaginations of readers is what great thriller writing is about.

A Jack Reacher or a Joe Pike or a Bob Lee Swagger are characters that live on in the memories of readers, long after they have finished reading the book and that intangible connection is what I want to establish between my characters and readers.

I can’t see such myself writing any other genre since I do not feel so strongly about those other genres.

3. How much time did you put into writing the novel?

I started writing the book in December 2011 and completed it in October 2012. I then spent a couple of months editing and polishing it before publishing it in December 2012. I work in a pretty demanding job so making time and more importantly making energy for writing is huge challenge. Hopefully one day I will be able to write full time.

4. What kind of research and information did you use to write it?

I guess without Larry Page and Sergey Brin, my book would have taken much longer to write!

Luvungi in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the starting point for the book and then the plot moves to the USA; largely based in and around New York.

Researching the locations took the most time.

Zeb plays an Indian musical instrument, the tabla, and researching this also took some amount of time.

5. How has your experience been using Amazon and Smashwords?

My initial sales were on Amazon but subsequently most of my sales have been on Smashwords. Both are pretty easy platforms to publish on and I would recommend both platforms for new authors.

I deliberately shied away from enrolling in the KDP Select programme since that would have meant not publishing on Smashwords simultaneously and I did not want to risk that.

6. How have you been perceived so far in the writing and publishing world?

I am a very new author, released my book in December and have had a few sales. Not enough readers and reviewers know of me and my biggest challenge today is to be heard.

Those who have read my book have liked it which is very gratifying. Nothing is more satisfying for a writer to know that a reader likes his book. If that reader has bought his book, well that’s nirvana!

7. What would you say are three key ingredients to writing a good Thriller novel?

That is a very good question. Before starting the book I thought long and hard about this and wondered whether I should incorporate a steam romance in it, humor, dry wit… the list goes on.

As I started writing the book, I realized that what was most important was to have very well defined characters that interacted very well with one another, give those characters a life, and have a believable plot.

So for me the three things that are most important in a thriller are Characters, Plot and Characters!

In fact this applies to any book, not just thrillers.

8. Any author influences that inspired you to write?

On the thriller/action/adventure front, Lee Child, Robert Crais, Harlan Coben, Greg Rucka, Stephen Hunter, James Lee Burke, too many to list!

9. What has been the best promotional tool for you so far?

Getting good reviews have been the best tool!

In terms of platforms for my book to be heard,Goodreads and Twitter have been the best so far. I have also started blogging and in time that should yield me a following. I maintain a Facebook page but I don’t get much value from it.

I have had extraordinary support from authors on Goodreads who have taken the time to review my books and help and guide me.

10. What kind of work can we expect from you in the near future?

I plan to write a series based on the characters in The Warrior. I have started writing the next book in this series, which is loosely titled The Brotherhood. I hope to publish this book my March or April.



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