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Journey to my writing The Warrior

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  • What inspired me to write this book?

It was a challenge by my wife who noticed that I had slipped into a comfort zone. I have always been ambitious (an immigrant who makes it in another country had better be!). She knew that I used to write and that I could write and challenged me to write a book. After taking up the challenge and having written the book, I have realised that the book writing was not just about doing something different, doing something I loved, but also about not allowing the routines of life determine and shape me.

  • Who are the primary readers of my book?

I have written my book for fans of thriller, action and adventure fiction. Those who like Lee Child or Robert Crais or Harlan Coben might like my book.

  • How long did it take me to write the book?

It took me a year. The book is not very large, it is about 50k words, however the demands of a full time challenging job meant that it took me a year to write, edit and publish the book.

  • How did I come up with the title?

The book is about a central character who was a Special Forces soldier and i wanted to convey the sense of warrior spirit in him, of righting wrongs, of helping people, and hence I chose this title.

  • Why did I choose this cover?

I commissioned Ros Clarke, http://theoldshed.me/book-and-web-design/, for the cover and she came up with the elegant cover.

  • What was the hardest part of writing my book?

It was finding and making time. Being full time employed in a very demanding job, time is scarce to come by. When I started writing, I used to haunt various forums and came across many writers who churned out several 1000 words a day. This was depressing since I could not find the time to do that. Over a period of time, I realised what was more important was to write at my pace and write the best story I could, than getting into a race with other writers.

• Did I do research for the book?
Yes. Any good writer will research locations, plots, action sequences and I did the same. There were often days when my book did not progress since I was researching the right action sequence or the location.

  • Did I learn anything from writing my book?

I have always been an ambitious person and liked setting and achieving targets. Writing a book was so different from my conventional goals and after having written the book, I now realize that one can really achieve whatever one wants, so long as one is prepared for the sacrifice and there is a support system around you. So many of us get caught in the routines of life. Completing those routines feels like achievement. However, if we are prepared to stick our head above the parapet, be ready to stand on  the cliff’s edge, have a support system around us, we can not only move mountains but also climb them.

The Warrior was my climbing my fiction/thriller mountain.

  • What do I want to say to my readers?

Please read my book. Hopefully you will enjoy it. Hopefully it will stay in your imagination long after you have finished reading it. And remember you can move and climb your mountains too.



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